Thursday, January 15, 2009

My special needs cat...

It's 17 degrees outside. Being the awesome pet parents we are, Erik and I brought two of our three cats into the house until it warms up (Stormy, the rebel, refused to be moved inside). Erik set up two litter boxes, and we hoped and prayed the youngest cat, Shorty, would use one of them...or at least use a spot on the floor that we could easily clean. Back when I did have him inside, his favorite places were beside the end table and behind the recliner.

Do you remember when I mentioned Shorty? We could never litter box train him...he poops on the driveway...he poops on the front porch...he has issues.

We left the house like usual this morning. I went to work and Erik took Bae to school. I got a text message at 8:30 from Erik. He returned to the house...Shorty had pooped on the coffee table.

Then tonight, we come home from getting pizza...Shorty had pooped under the computer table.

Needless to say, Shorty is on his own tonight...outside.


Kelly said...

I'm not heartless though...we have a sunroom and carport he can sleep in. Oh, and we have cat dog houses, but they were made for my cats. Shorty probably thinks they're public restrooms...

Shana said...

Not being a cat person myself, you are being generous!

YELLOW said...

At least you will have plenty manure for your roses this year.

Could be worse, thinking how, but I will come up with something I am sure. Oh oh, yes I know, a party when I was 18. One of the guests pooped in the hosts parents hall.

Hugs and love


Wahzat said...

Oh wow I am just doing my catch up on what's been going on with you... and .. YOU ARE ENGAGED!!! I am so excited for you that I got misty eyed! This is great news and good move on the cruise based on the reactions from people I know who have been on cruises they are always a great vacation :)

I agree send the cat out LOL I am trying to work with my puppy and I am ready to lock him out as well though to be fair to him he goes in the same spots everytime.

Oh I am so happy for you that I am going to send you a drink on facebook :)
Hugs and have a great weekend :)

Colleen said...

Hi Kelly and Happy New Year and Congratulations!!!
I haven't been around to even know what's happening other than you're getting married! When? ;-)
I'm happy for you and I hope I can find all of the story in your blogs.
It was a miracle I found you here...well, not really, but it sounds good!LOL
Anyhoo, I hope to be reading and writing more and I will have to check out coming to BlogSpot....I'm not happy at Spaces and I really am tired of the constant changes.
Okay, keep in touch and I'll do the same!

Lola said...

Regarding Yellow's comment--EWWWWW! A guest pooped in the hallway?!?! GROSSSSSSS!!

Yep, that cat has issues. Understatement.