Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Ice Storm Pictures

The tree in the last two pictures is mine...was mine. It fell branch by branch onto our roof and into the yard. You see the man under the tree? That's Erik...and one Y shaped branch fell on him, but he was standing in the Y and only got scratches.

Even pictures can't describe how scary this area looks right now, but you get the idea.


Anonymous said...

THAT is a LOT of ice!!! One of the deaths in Texas was an icy limb falling on somebody. Scary.

Take care!

Jeankfl said...

Looks just like us last year. Glad you're ok. It'll take a while for you to get back to normal.. it's too creepy with all that ice and no power. So quiet.. Hope you're warm, now!!lol

Maria said...

Wow, that's amazing. I think I prefer our blizzards.

Nadine Hightower said...

Thank Goodness all we got was snow.

I need to have an email address so I can email you the super secret password to the Cruise photos.

Shupe said...

wow- I'll take utah storms any day for sure! At least after it dumps 4 feet it's sunny again!
I'm sorry luv!

Jane! said...

This is me NOT complaining about the weather. Ever again.
You guys got some seriously bad $hit! I hope your tree is the only fatality.
ps - DON'T stand under any icy trees!

White Hot Magik said...

While I hope we dont' get it quite that bad, I would love some winter moisture. We haven't had a drop literally and it is dry dry dry. Glad you are okay. Your cruise sounds awesome, how exciting!

Tracie said...

Yea that looks familiar! That was us 2 years (?) ago except all the power poles were snapped like the trees. Good times!

Becca said...

WOW! Makes me feel bad for being here where it is so warm, but we will be home again soon enough.


Kelly said...

Trust me...our poles are broken too, but I didn't get any good pics of There are NO unbroken poles between my town and my mom's town 30 miles away. Crazy.