Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Saying Hi...

Hi! I don't really have any big news but I'm in the mood to blog, so here I am. I did order Valentine's Day goodies for my boys today. For Bailey, I ordered a singing balloon (that should drive me crazy) and a stuffed bat. I know that's weird, but he's a nine year old boy and he didn't want anything "girly". A bat is definitely not girly and I think he'll love it...he's just that kind of kid.

For Erik, the girl I talked to from the florist recommended a coffee mug decorated in deer hunting stuff and a couple of balloons. I'm a little nervous because I ordered all of this over the phone. I trust this florist though and have ordered from them every year so it should be okay.

We're sickly here at my house...Erik and I are miserable with sinus infections (probably from letting the cats live inside for the last few weeks). We've got to get some consistent weather outside...this fluctuation in temps is not helping anyone. It's 56 degrees today, but I hear the temps are going down this weekend.

Bailey is just crazy lately. I got a note from his teacher yesterday letting me know how his behavior has changed. He's talking constantly at school...and at home for that matter. Apparently yesterday his teacher was evaluated by the school principal and Bailey would not behave...he got in trouble repeatedly for talking even while the principal was in the classroom. I was furious with him when I found that out. There is nothing more nerve wracking for a teacher than being watched and judged by the principal while children are misbehaving. Needless to say, Bailey is grounded from the tv, computer and video games until the weekend and feeling guilty for acting so terrible. She did say in her letter to me that he's always a respectful, sweet kid who has always been good before. I'm hoping this weather is causing a little of this...he's cooped up inside the house and has been since the beginning of winter. Now he can't even go out in the driveway to ride his bike or scooter because of the fallen limbs. Our whole yard is a safety hazard right now.

Oh well, that's all I've got for now. I did mail out my Valentine's swap gifts on time so I hope they're either there already or on their way! Can't wait to see what everyone is getting.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Howdy, those sound like nice gifts.

Jeankfl said...

Glad you're recovering and getting ready for the big day on Sat. with your boys. I can't wait to get my box, too.. I love these exchanges. I had a terrible time this time.. it wasn't someone I know.. that's tough!! Hope you get some great stuff..
We need to IM

Shupe said...

KIDS!!! I know- it's the week of trouble makers~ MINE INCLUDED!!!!
I blame the weather as well!

Well, good luck on your exchange! Sounds like fun!