Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well, after ONE night of having a beautiful, festive Christmas-lit house...a large portion of the lights stopped working. After an attempt to fix the problem, Erik finally just turned them all off a few minutes ago. The lights aren't brand new, but they worked fine last year (we borrowed them from Erik's mom who didn't want to mess with them again).

I've never had Christmas lights on my house...single mom, deathly afraid of ladders here...so I was really excited to finally have some. Damn...


Shupe said...


This link will have some great backgrounds for you to chose from- and easy to insert into an HTML gaget.....

BTW_ found you through JEAN!

sorry about lights- I still have yet to decorate- I understand, the whole single mom gig!

Jeankfl said...

Good, Shupie already told you about the cutest blog on the block.. there's other places, but I only know that one so far. It's easy, and they give you the instructions when you click on the one you want. They have mostly free ones, or you can have them design one.
Sorry about the lights..now Erik is going to have to check every light bulb to see which one is burnt out or loose!!LOL I hate that.. I have at least one on my outside tree that's out.. *sigh* Don't know who's gonna stand out there on top of the golf cart and check those lights!! Not me or dad, that's for sure!! Talk to you soon..Oh! I told Cubbs he had to come down for your wedding and he said he would!! I'll believe it when I see it, but that's a start!!LOL He's got some challenges right now, so I'm not picking on him too badly.. He's still such a sweetheart..silly man..

Becca said...

Ugh that stinks, hope you get if figured out soon!


YELLOW said...

Make him go through every single bulb and tighten it. YOu will have lights at Christmas dammit!!

Hugs and love


Lola said...

Yes, that is a bummer. A lighted house for the holidays is one of the few things I know of that makes me glad it is the Christmas season.

Not to sound like scrooge or something. It just seems like the holidays can give me a case of the blues. The way it has become so commercialized and dehumanized makes me feel like it has all become so much less than what it really should be.

It is about the simple things. Then I see something like holiday lights and I feel better. Okay, I think I rambled. Sorry ...my bad. :(