Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Here I am!

Okay, I have no time to work on this now, but hi! I switched over. It's like a divorce from MSN, but I'm tired of being neglected. Anyway, talk to you later!


Jeankfl said...

As far as I know, Chris and Cubbs don't have one, yet.. They may move, too! I hate the changes.. why do they want to be like Facebook????? I'm following you.. so sign up to follow me!
Take the word verification off!! It's just another step!LOL

Becca said...

Hey have one more day to come and join my Christmas Swap..want to play? It is fun, you would get to know lots of new people here, what do you say?

Becca said...


I need a list of your likes and dislikes and a physical mailing address. You are so going to like this! Promise!